Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skate or Die

I started stealing my girlfriends tabloid mags to read about Lady Gaga's penis and look at pictures of Britney's foul minge, but then it became all about keeping it real with some sweet skating.
This slappers got it down pat, ripping up hand rails in high heels and no doubt a supportive sports bra.
Who cares what there selling, i'll take two bottles of the shit.

More Roadstars

At the Brisbane Hotrod show.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Knights In Satans Service.


The fuckers in primer as of today and you would think with all the time it took me to get it this far the body would be show quality.......
Well its not and never will be so fuck off! Seriously i'm well and truly over it and will gladlly swap for a Valiant ute.

Next Sunday

Come on down to the Ipswich race track for a sweet little car show that actually makes a lot of money for charity even with the cash prizes for winners.
Don't quote me but i think car of show gets $2k from memory, and theres always some cool cars that come out of the wood works you never see at other shows.
It really is worth the trip. Come down, shoot the shit and admire my sweet new moustache.

Duchess Of Safety

I can't work out if he's wearing a stack hat or not?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roadstar Rodders

Some rods that lurked around the suburbs i grew up in. Long before i was a twinkle in the old mans eye unfortunately.


Want a mustang front end? Just craft one out of bog.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Winter Clean

All thats left to do is hang the nudie girl calander.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wintersun Style Awards Night

Now that W.C.Z. has become internationally renowned for all things stylish, its only right that we give back to the hotrod and custom car community with its own special awards ceremony. Wintersun car show seemed as good a venue to hold the award ceremony as any, so without further adue -

Best Mural a.k.a. When Good Times Go Rad- This award was a difficult one as there was so many rad skulls and flames, but nothing says "I'm fuckin' rad and i thought you should know it" as much as a mural of your own car on your own car!

Best Use Of The Ice Pipe a.k.a. Fins Ahoy - This truck was so rad the council thought best to clamp its wheel. Especially when they read the poem painted on the back, obviously inspired by smoking ice. Nothings more hotrod than poems, and i mean nothing.
Best Use of Rollerskates a.k.a. 8 Wheel Terror - If there is anything thats more 1955 than rollerskates and plastic fries i haven't seen it. This dude obviously needs no explanation when he rocks up to work driving this beauty. "Oh thats Frank, but we all call him Elvis, he works in accounts."

Best Use Of Mums Sewing Machine a.k.a. Bobby Bedazzler - "What? Nah i dress like this every day!" Who cares if all your glue on bedazzlers aren't straight, be loud and proud. Frank knows what i'm talking about.

As always the judges decisions are final. Awards are not redeemable for cash.
Congratulations to all winners.

Wintersun 10'

Most car shows shit me and Wintersun is no different. Something about me and crowds that don't mix. There were some decent cars though. These are the ones i could get photos of. Cool boat. You love it, i love it, hell everyone loves it.

This 33' has been around for awhile now. This was as good a photo as i could get.
This would make a good daily driver.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Intake Gold

Sometimes i grant W.C.Z. reporters day leave if they've been good, but somehow Mez managed to smuggle himself out of the country on a false passport and found himself in the United States of Intakes.
What you can't see in the photo however is Mez with his little cart filled with billet alternator brackets and window winders. He loves that billet shit and he's not afraid to admit it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

4 Stars

How good is the new A-Team movie.

White Collar Choppers

Or W.C.C. for short. True outlaw bikers wear suits not jackets with 1% on em'

Mums The Word

And i thought she just liked me cause i got a big dick not an intelligent face?? What a dumb advertisement.