Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Stoke

If you wanted to and haven't yet gone to the Museum of Brisbane skate exhibition, you better do it before it ends next Sunday. I waited long enough to go to avoid the Johnny come latelys, so i could soak it all in.
Bit of a nice blast through time of skateboarding in general with some skateboards from the 1950's to today, and a few pictures of Brisbane skaters that was a little light on but a great effort non the less, theres also a cool little skate bowl.

New Shoes

I wasn't a big fan of the steel wheel look so i got some freebie caps from the Mez and his vast collection of spares and tools i seem to be borrowing a bit from lately.
There Chrysler caps off some Valiant of sorts and i think they make the car look like something grandad would drive and understated enough to not draw unwanted attention. Perfect for a daily driver.
In other news i finally fixed my long enduring misfire, which can be put down to my own stupid error when i timed the motor up, i somehow timed it a tooth out?? I have no idea how, one tooth is a long way out on the chain, but i'm just happy to have it running right.
All i need now is someone to help me bleed the brakes and a wheel alignment and the old girls good to.................I don't want to jinx myself, lets just leave it at that.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paddo Appreciation Day

Fuck the council. You want shit done you gotta do it yourself.
Built in 94' the park was looking a little worse for wear, so a few enterprising lads tired of waiting for the council to fix the park went about fixing it themselves and held a little shin dig to celebrate. Skates better than the day it opened.

Sunday, February 13, 2011