Friday, December 31, 2010

Pay Your Union Fees

From everyone here at W.C.Z headquarters we wish everyone a happy and productive new year. Don't over do it and stay safe. See you in the new year!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Says It All Really


I hope everyones getting ready for this one. And when i say getting ready, i mean finding the correct outfit and moustache for there mannequin display.
I think Mexican ponchos and sombreros are back!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a relatively painless Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Pictures

I don't own any of these pictures, but for one reason or another I've saved them for ideas, inspiration or just simply because i liked them, and thought people out there in working class zero land might to. So here goes....

Some Valiant from New Zealand. At one time i was going to weld my Valiant doors shut and only get in and out through the windows. Fuck it i still should.

Cool car, cool photo.
Good photoshop, you'd swear it was real.

Channeled Dry lakes racer 1940's
One of my favourite model A's of all time.
What the fuck?
I pity both these fools. Prague 2006.
I have a thing for landspeed racing.
I had two, one got stolen.
Good idea for a security door.
Von Dutch shit is gay.
Who wouldn't want this?
This guy was a true original. Longest free fall from the earths upper atmosphere, breaking the speed of sound in free fall. Later went on to serve in Vietnam and had his jet fighter shot down and became a prisoner of war. He's still alive, in his 80's. I think his last name was Klitinger. Just google it. Amazing photo.
Beauty follows function.

I had this poster many years ago. It still blows my mind. Jason Jessee. Just so you know.
The truth about Evel.
Forget Back To The Future. I'd give your left nut for a real one of these.
Winston Churchill had a fuck you attitude.
I want to build a small aeroplane hanger in my backyard. I'm dead serious.
I saw this skate spot in Paris France and thought how rad it would be to skate. Here's proof.
A Russian landspeed racer.
This is very gay actually.
I like the shortened doors. I hate these models though.
Amazing man.
Big ollie.

Cool Pic Though

Riverside raceway 1962.I jinxed myself again. Fucking starter motor on the Valiant shit its self when i backed the car out of the garage to wash the paint after buffing.
I got a starter motor that's supposed to work off eBay, but with Christmas i don't expect to get it any time before then, and with no guarantee it will work. I'll probably send it to get tested.
All this means i can't sort out the misfire and properly find out why the brakes are so shit.
I really just don't want to work on it anymore. I'm over it, i wanna move on and start other shit.
End rant.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Shirt Ever

Remember the movie Flash Dance?
Without a doubt the best blue collar movie to come out of the 80's. It definitely inspired me as a youngster and has left a strong impression on me even to this very day. If you haven't seen it i can't recommend it highly enough.
Now i now a lot of guys will judge a movie by its cover and be turned off by what looks to be a girls movie full of bad acting and shit dancing but you couldn't be more wrong.
Not to spoil the movie, but it's about a pretty young girl who dreams about becoming a fully qualified welder, but is forced to dance at night.
Even though she hates dancing and wants to throw it in to concentrate on welding, she has to dance at night to make extra money to get her through her apprenticeship.
I think from memory at the end she's does a perfect overhead weld and one hell of a vertical up and tells her boss at the dance studio to get fucked. A truly inspiring movie.
Good sound track too "I'm a maniac, maniac on the floor, and i'm welding like i've never welded before!"

Will Swap For Old Ute/Truck

If all goes well i'll have this registered early next week.
Just gotta fix a misfire at idle, check the brakes, buff the paint to get rid of the colour sanding marks, wheel alignment and roadworthy. All the rest is just little shit i'll do when its running.
I'll be happy to drive the fucker and not have it hanging over my head so i can start my other projects....Yeee-haa!
P.S. will trade minus engine for pre 69 ute or truck.


I scored this sweet little steering column drop for my impending hotrod build from me best mate, who if i could describe the man in two words it would be 'Shabby Sheik'


Life lessons of a blue collar worker.
If you follow the Fuel magazine blog you might have seen this already, but i thought the video was suited on here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When Good Times Go Bad

I found this photo on a Japanese blog so i'm not sure the details but it looks like the chap might have a headache.


Just got sent photos of some tank progress. Cutting, shutting, grinding and welding like a mad man.
P.S. is that stand as dodgey as it looks?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Third Times a Charm

I'm guessing after the down pour saturday the car show was cancelled.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seemless Photoshop

The Goodna car show that was rained out twice this year is on again this sunday at the Goodna RSL. Trust me its going to be awesome!
Theres going to be so many rad cars, a street parade led by Peter Brock and special international guest Oprah will be stopping by on her whirl wind tour of Ipswich.
I wouldn't have believed it either until i saw the flyer!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mezzy Two Step And The Stunned Mullets

Probably the best band you've never heard!!!!
Thank god i hadn't lost this photo, i thought i had, but this is definitely one of my most treasured memories.
Boy we were drunk. Check the look on the face of the dude on the left, he couldn't comprehend the fury of the impromptu piano accordion session going down, and the dude on the right looks pissed. How we never got thrown out is beyond me. Happy Days.

Graham Ford

I worked in a dealership as a mechanic for years and have no real interest in going back, but i would definitely have a change of heart to work here.

All Good

Still alive, thanks for all the messages and well wishes.
Pretty lame for me really it was only minor surgery and a night in hospital, and truth be told for the amount of ass ache i had to go through with workers comp, slow doctors and bosses saying i should just wear it, i would have rathered the accident never happened.
Never the less i'll have a fully blocked nose until i get the splints out thursday and time off work until friday, so plenty of time to do nothing for a change.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Avenge my death whilst riding one of these. Just got told today that i'm to have surgery tomorrow to fix my nose from a work accident that happened at the beginning of the year. Finally i'll be able to breath properly again.
Anyways if i don't wake up you know what to do.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


A siren rang across the mine,
but for those few men it was the end of the line.
Now 29 miners are at heavens gate,
with coal silt faces asking is it to late?
Then god replies with half a grin,
fuck no boys you can come on in.
They place their lights on heavens floor,
a job well done, to be remembered for ever more.

What a fucking sad end, to go to work and never come home. Rest in peace.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Style Awards

As we all know the Gold Coast is the style capital of the world, and the car shows are no different. Many of next seasons trends will be yesterdays news around these parts. Here's just a taste.
Best Motorised Toilet a.k.a. Wet Skid
Its pretty hard when you have a fully tricked out ride not to want to compliment it with an identically painted toilet. Imagine the skid marks you'll leave when you light the rear up. And that's even before you get it started. If your going to be throwing money down the toilet it may as well be on a motorised one. Best Mannequin a.k.a. Hans Yublick
I've said it before, if you haven't got a dummy display in your car theres no hope of going home with a trophy. You'll just be laughed at. I'm predicting an explosion of dummies onto the car scene next year and by the then the Gold Coast guys would have moved on to something cooler, like dildo shifters or something. Extra points must go for his jacket matching the Hyundai Excel seat trim also. Nothing to me says hotrod more than dummies and Hyundai Excels. Best Plush Toy a.k.a. Mans Best Trend
I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that dogs die in hot cars, along with this guys chances of coming runner up. That's right homeboy first place all the way. It must have been close to. I can imagine the scenario on the way to the car show. "Hey Kev did you pack the toy dog?" "Oh fuck Troy! we gotta go back and get him! how will anyone ever take us seriously."

Gold Coast Hotrod Show

You can't buy good taste by throwing money at a car but some people try. Whilst i appreciate the time and effort that goes into a faultless show car, for my taste it looks like the more money spent on billet wheels, polished turbos and television screens the more fucked up a car gets.
These are some of the ones i liked.
Pinstriping by Scotty. Chopped Oldsmobile. The 36' and flat black 28' are both from Toowoomba hotrod shop.

That was pretty much it.