Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Pictures

I don't own any of these pictures, but for one reason or another I've saved them for ideas, inspiration or just simply because i liked them, and thought people out there in working class zero land might to. So here goes....

Some Valiant from New Zealand. At one time i was going to weld my Valiant doors shut and only get in and out through the windows. Fuck it i still should.

Cool car, cool photo.
Good photoshop, you'd swear it was real.

Channeled Dry lakes racer 1940's
One of my favourite model A's of all time.
What the fuck?
I pity both these fools. Prague 2006.
I have a thing for landspeed racing.
I had two, one got stolen.
Good idea for a security door.
Von Dutch shit is gay.
Who wouldn't want this?
This guy was a true original. Longest free fall from the earths upper atmosphere, breaking the speed of sound in free fall. Later went on to serve in Vietnam and had his jet fighter shot down and became a prisoner of war. He's still alive, in his 80's. I think his last name was Klitinger. Just google it. Amazing photo.
Beauty follows function.

I had this poster many years ago. It still blows my mind. Jason Jessee. Just so you know.
The truth about Evel.
Forget Back To The Future. I'd give your left nut for a real one of these.
Winston Churchill had a fuck you attitude.
I want to build a small aeroplane hanger in my backyard. I'm dead serious.
I saw this skate spot in Paris France and thought how rad it would be to skate. Here's proof.
A Russian landspeed racer.
This is very gay actually.
I like the shortened doors. I hate these models though.
Amazing man.
Big ollie.

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