Sunday, August 29, 2010

Death Before Dishonor

Holley 94

I think i have the market cornered. I found 12 and added two more to the collection.

5 Fords

Just a little car show at Jimboomba.
The 54' Cusso had painted in wood panels. Cool everyday Galaxie
The number plates say RARE 1 but i'm not sure, except for age makes this tank Fairlane rare.
This Galaxie had 427 number plates, and if its true its one of only a few hundred built like that from the factory. By far the best sounding V8 i've heard in a long time, and the steel wheels, paint and bonnet scoop add to that factory drag car look that only cars from the 60's can pull off.
Compact Fairlane.
Judging by the pictures you'd think it was a Ford show but there was actually a lot of other makes and models. I was just in a 60's Ford mood.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Roses Grow On The Speedboaters Grave

I found this crazy boat and had to share it.
Built in 1964 by Sydney friends Andy Ellis and Ray Jones, this little clinker speed boat was powered by an ex World War Two airforce surplus 'Merlin' V16 Rolls Royce engine.
The story goes that the boat was damaged in the summer of 1965 when the boat hit a submerged log at Lake Narrabeen. With the boat too damaged to repair the engine was fitted to a hydroplane boat called "Spitfire" which turned over at speed, sinking to the harbor floor and sadly killing the pilot.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brothers From Different Mothers

O.k the gigs up, this fella is not actually me. Although for anyone that knows me would swear we were separated at birth. Even i'm surprised in the likeness, the hair, the two day growth and the uncomfortable way we both sit on a motorcycle from having a huge cock. Its uncanny!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm A Dreamer

I think i'm the dreamer to end all dreamers. W.C.Z. reporter Cam sent me these photos of old drag cars from days gone by. Obviously American based, but the type of photos that get my twisted thoughts going.
Henry Ford himself said a man can only be judged on his actions alone not the thoughts and intentions in his head. And we all know now that history became a true indication of his actions, and sadly as time goes by, history is dealing me, and us all the same fate, and in my case i haven't faired as well.
So with that in mind i can only say what i do or have done, and for now i'll just say nothing and enjoy the pictures and admire the men who put there thoughts into reality, and didn't just sit around dreaming abut them.
There was some running commentary to the photos but i couldn't figure out how to link it all together so i'll just add some of my own.
Anyways thanks Cam. Here at W.C.Z. submissions are always welcome.

Three bloody wheels and a wheel base short enough to make this one scary ride. I call it the Meschersmidt Three Wheeler Death Facilitator.
Oh man i know smeones going to correct me and prove me well wrong, but i think the jet powered car was built by Art Afrons,(famous for landspeed racing post war) and from memory it crashed and killed a spectator and Art never raced another car again, from being so shaken from the accident.
A rock was used as a weight for the front wheels. Imagine if it came off?
4 wheel drive Just like them Subaru's the youngsters are all talkin about. Only you need a dick bigger than 10 inches to drive it.
Its air born
This guy likes his motors like he likes his ladies in bed. Two at a time.
I wanna work here. Which reminds me that its Sunday night and i hate my job more every day.
All business
Its just a big bloody go-kart.
An aerodynamic brick
Tough match up, all though i think this is the pre-race burnout cause you can just see a little wisp of smoke from the go-karts tyres.................................. not really, maybe someone can photo shop some in. I think that starter was what the idea for the logo on those Air Jordan shoes came from.
The blowers bigger than the motor.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Greasy Kulture Mag

Just got word the new Greasy Kulture mag has arrived, and i'm as shocked as anyone that yours truly is featured. Do yourself a favour and buy the new Greasy Kulture mag to see my handsome mug plastered on the pages. More soon!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I think people either love em' or hate em'

Valiant Update

Its been a while since the last post, and for good reason.
The motor and box are finally sitting in the engine bay with the helping hand of a mate and the 'final' coats of paint were applied, all with no shortage of arse ache.
The body work on this car has battled me the whole time. I'm no panel and paint enthusiast by any means. I come from a mechanical side of thinking, and whilst I enjoy shaping metal and repairing rust and the like, its all the sanding and paint prep side of things that become an evil necessity i endure to get the car done.............and it shows.
I would like to say the paint looks passable, but i had a little problem with my million dollar paint gun i.e. the guy on the other end of it, and as a result i didn't get enough coats of paint on that i would have liked before i wasted all my paint solving my problems. I recon i'll just get another couple of litres during the week and spray a few more coats on next weekend whilst i tackle the rest of the mechanicals during the week.
Oh well i guess if it was all easy everyone would be driving around in restored Valiants. Right?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tram Spotting

Not sure if regular WCZ followers will like these, but my boss at work emailed me some photo's of Brisbane trams that he had.
Someone in his family was obviously a tram spotter, and i'm guessing by the cars in the background it must have been around the time of the late 60's early 70's.

Breakfast Creek

Brunswick Street
Stones Corner
$4.28 for a carton of XXXX!! Grey Steet
Check the cars in the car yard.
Whickham Street

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Greazefest - The Bikes

The following pics are whatever caught my eye at Greazefest. Probably the best year so far in terms of cars. Good day out. I just wish i'd done a second lap before most of the cars had left. Anyways enjoy my shitty pics. Loz's bike won a prize for best bike.

The Customs