Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Fords

Just a little car show at Jimboomba.
The 54' Cusso had painted in wood panels. Cool everyday Galaxie
The number plates say RARE 1 but i'm not sure, except for age makes this tank Fairlane rare.
This Galaxie had 427 number plates, and if its true its one of only a few hundred built like that from the factory. By far the best sounding V8 i've heard in a long time, and the steel wheels, paint and bonnet scoop add to that factory drag car look that only cars from the 60's can pull off.
Compact Fairlane.
Judging by the pictures you'd think it was a Ford show but there was actually a lot of other makes and models. I was just in a 60's Ford mood.

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