Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bath Time

Me and washing cars go together like beer and icecream, but sometimes you just gotta do it.
As a daily driver the pot holes have been paved in gold so far, except even though i leaned out the carb as much as i can before running like a bucket of shit i can't get any better than 18litres per 100km.

The Awful Truth

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Things Come In Two's

I just finished the second rail to a rough stage and sat the front crossmember in to have a quick look. Theres a good chance with the spring behind axle setup I'm going for the rails in front of the crossmember will either get reworked or cut off. Time will tell.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Part Four

A.K.A the man in black step.
When i made my template i realised the full size template would be too big if i wanted to use the rolled edge of the steel so i made a template 7mm smaller so i can cut 7mm in from the edge saving the rolled edge. This means i can reduce the work needed to get a finish resembling the stock Model A chassis rail. And less working on hotrods means more time working on self improvment like exercise, meditation and maybe a little self reflection timeout. I tried to get China steel because of my half Chinese half Samoan heritage but was stuck with this crap stuff. Shit happens.
Scribe the line, cut the line
Weld the line
Walk the line.

Bad Timing

"I brought an old gas analyser in yesterday to see if you wanted it but Scott saw i was giving it away and you'd already left work and he said he'd have it"
Fucking hell.......he drives a diesel

Now i gotta borrow the fucker and rig up some batteries because the battery shop "That has batteries for everything" said they stopped making batteries for these in the 70's. Hope it works still, this thing will be handy as hell.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wintersun 11'

This Chev was once a four door. I wish i took a better profile picture of the chopped roof, it's pretty spot on.
You don't see many unchopped Model A's. A little top heavy but cool non the less.
Cherry 36' Chev.

Was there ever a good looking Mopar built in the 50's? This ones as close as they ever got.

Sweet Hemi though.

This truck for me was best of show.

I'm not sure which guy made more sense.
Definately a good day out. A good mate, pocket beers and suprisingly a few good cars. What more could little Docco ask for. I took more photos but they turned out darker than these. My so called expensive camera sucks.

WCZ Style Awards

Its that time of year again......whats hot and whats not. And the winners are.

Best use of extra doors A.K.A No fat chicks.
Sometimes during a project you can find yourself at a cross roads. Do i just paint my one tonner now or do i just spend every sunday for the next three years adding an extra cab. Its a pretty easy choice and the proof is quite clearly in the pudding. Not only do you save material on the ute tray but you get an easy back seat for your double leg amputee mates. Best use of food props A.K.A. Snack attack
You know when your at a car show and you see a car and think theres just something missing to make it really stand out. Now i'm not talking about the lack of fox tail aerial accessories, or making sure the period correct Betty Boop sticker is in line with the rear chrome mould, it's the missing x-factor. And BAM it's food bitches. Now every dick knows you can't just use any old food i'm talking gimme some mustard on that milk shake stat!!!
Best Trailer A.K.A Grim Sleeper
I'm almost certain the only reason girls won't sleep with me is because everyone knows to get a girl naked you need an old hearse. I mean nothing says "Hey ladies, wanna take a ride?" more than a car that had hundreds of dead people oozing dead juices all over the place. Now that's all well and good but what do you do when theres no room left for your black coat, top hat and fake fangs? Build a sweet coffin trailer that's what. This guy must be kicking goals with the ladies all over the place and not the desperate 4a.m ones i luck out on.

Best Mannequin A.K.A. Quit ya yappin
So you got outbid on a sweet hearse on ebay so there goes and chance with the ladies this weekend. Again. Don't worry homeboy grab the dummies and hit the road.All the fellas without hearses know the best thing about dating a mannequin is that they never talk back. Sometimes i just want to sit around in my Elvis jumpsuit and not worry about having uneven sideburns.

All judges decisions are final, congratulations to the deserving winners.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Thought Two Lane Blacktop Ruled

And i wasn't even stoned when i saw it.

I found this 55' on ebay, which is obviously an American import, but as far as 55' Chevs go i give this 8 throttle blips out of a possible 10. (2 point deduction for my dislike of 55 to 57 Chevs)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will Trade Left Nut For Hanger

Forget the car, check the old aircraft hanger in the background.
How much is a left nut worth these days anyways?

Makin' Bacon

Toilet bacon is the best!