Tuesday, March 29, 2011

John Katsanis

Better known as 'Chopper' passed away from cancer this morning. The man responsible for so many good car shows and cruises not to mention a true craftsman when it came to building hotrods and customs. He will be sadly missed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

35' Ford

If there was an award or Australia's most beautiful roadster this would be it.

Sunday Swap

These cab over engine (COE) trucks looked crazy but for almost 10 grand a piece i think the guy was dreaming. And those wheels are just jammed under there, theres no chassis or running gear for that money. This wagon is super ugly especially in pink.
But with a genuine 392 Chrysler i don't think you'd give a fuck.

Carby Goodtimes

Scored these four carbs today for dirt cheap. Two Holey 94's and two Stromberg 48's. I was hoping the Stromberg 48's would be unmarked 97's, just due to the 97's having a lower cfm flow rate and smaller venturis which make them better for a multi carb setup, but since i got all four carbs for the price i would have payed for the two Holley 94's i can't complain. Check out the home made tunnel ram intake. Sweet! Turns out the 48's are pretty desirable in America at $100 a piece in rough condition. A lot more than i payed for them. I'll save them for a future project.
I think i have 15 Holley 94's now. How many is enough? I'll need to make six good ones for the Hotrod.

Friday, March 25, 2011


More Japanese craziness found from around the web.


These photos are rad on so many levels i just had to post them for keep sake here.


I can understand that.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What a fuckin mess Japan is in at the moment. Such a super rad country to visit, i had an amazing time when i was there a few years ago and was hoping to go back sometime this year.
Maybe not anytime soon now but we'll see. Anyways I got sent this photo doing the email rounds of a Japanese man who had his house washed away by the Tsunami and went back to find his bike had somehow survived.
It looks pretty banged up but i bet he's a little happier.

Dog Sack

Also suitable for small children and nagging girlfriends, just don't get T-boned.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dirt Drags

I wouldn't mind checking this one out this year.


Ok i don't really know much about these faux T-Birds except something about some Swedish designer and a company called Viztech, and knowing me these things have probably been around for two years and are old hat.......but.......in a world full of 'retro' rides like the new Chargers, Camaros and the awesomely homosexual PT Cruiser this is one i would actually own. Especially if i was featured on MTV Cribs.
What?................. it could happen one day. They might wanna do a feature on a greasy bogan.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

50' Fleetline

Is this not the coolest four door Chev you've ever seen? I wouldn't change a thing.

Heart Surgery

Rust flakes from the fuel tank was making my motor run like shit so i pulled the carby and went right through it. Found an air bleed and jet partially blocked.
Pulled the fuel tank and cleaned the fuel lines but later when reassembling, the tank started leaking fuel..... pulled it out again and now I'm going to cut the rusty base of the tank out and weld in a new clean patch. More work but done right once is better than doing it twice.
All that and still fix the tranny leak.

Bong On

Been on a little R & R lately catching up on everything but cars and blogs.
Usual stuff like fixing up the house to random stuff like building a handrail for my dads church. I'm a firm believer in no good deed goes unpunished, so I'm hoping that one won't bite me on the ass.
The Valiant has good and bad news. The good news was that i was able to ditch the car at good ol' Mez's place so he could take it for a wheel alignment and get a roadworthy sorted and am happy to say it is now legally registered to terrorize the streets.
The bad news is it leaks oil from a suspected torque converter seal, which means i gotta pull the box out one night this week, and lastly rust flakes from the fuel tank have blocked the carburettor and caused the motor to run like shit.
It all sounds bad but i feel like I'm on the home straight now.