Wednesday, March 31, 2010

$150 For Chrome

I've always said the one good thing about nostalgia drag racing is how cheap it is.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ipswich Motorcycle Club

No Date but looks post war???

What Do Scooters And Fat Chicks Have In Common?

There fun to ride until ya mates find out.

W.C.Z. roving reporter P-Rods sent in this Vespa of a couple on a camping honeymoon by the lake. Must be what all the hipsters do these days?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Petersen Museum

Ed Roth's 'Outlaw' the real deal not a clone.
Alright been there done that. Just going through old photos i thought i'd lost. I'll get back to Australian rods and customs soon.....promise.

Honest Hisself

From my trip a few years back. Honest Charley's Speedshop is in Chattanooga Tennessee. Basically central America. Same address since 48'
I bought some parts for the Model A. Great guys, cool shop in a town that for us, would be like going to Dubbo to buy new parts.
The town heritage listed the shop and building as well!


In the 50's this would have been the height of diagnostic equipment.
Unfortunatly when i did my apprentiship and worked as a mechanic we had these magical hand held computers that told you everything and nothing at the same time.
I'm certain that in this hi-tech age we live in most mechanics would no longer be able to read a vacuum gauge. Sad but true.

Jalopy Showdown

A few years ago i got tired of work and decided to up and leave the country. I travelled through America and Europe with the money i'd saved and basically the whole trip revolved around the dates of certain car shows and car museums. (Ford in Detroit, BMW in Munich, Mercedes Benz and Porsche in Stutgart, Toyota in Japan etc i won't bore you with them all as i did most)
Anyways one car show that really stood out from the rest was the Jalopy Showdown in Gettysberg Pensilvania.
I had to rent a car because the location was a bit remote and difficult to get to but one i thought would be well worth it. I drove out one afternoon and spent the nights sleep on the back seat of my little Chrysler at a truck stop. I remember it was a fucking cold night with my shitty jumper i had and every shirt i could squeeze on and two pairs of long dickies and still frozen. The radio said what i worked out to be 4 degrees celsius the next morning. I was still happy with my little adventure though, its all part of the experience.
The car show was at an old oval dirt track in a remote country area with the car show itself being in the grass paddock in the middle of the track. In the afternoon if you wanted you could blast around the dirt track which was wet to keep speeds down and i guess make it safer and by the looks funner.
The whole atmosphere was cool and the crowd really friendly. Nothing like the bullshit of Viva Las Vegas, just real car guys with home built cars. These are just some of the photos.
I would love to go back and meet up with the people i met at that show, i'm sure they'd remember me. It just seems so far away now....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gonna Take Your Daughter Out Tonight

Theres something a little off with Australian 34' Ford roof lines compared to the U.S. model. Looks more English maybe? Thats not to say i don't like them, in fact i like them more because of it.
Lynn Arrowsmiths Ford ticks all the right boxes, especially the colour, perfect channel and chrome wheels.
And that look on Lynns face just says "Evenin' Pops, is ya daughter ready?" She'd wanna be Lynn, she'd wanna be.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Live Fast Die Young

This dude surely got fucked up.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I was going to push the Valiant out of the garage today and get a photo with all the roof finished but by the time i was done working on the c-pillar it was too dark. You'll have to make do with this dark and dingy photo of what i've been busting my ass on.
The blog has been taking a bit of a back seat lately. If ya gonna talk the talk i guess ya gotta make a weak attempt at walking the walk and the sooner this gets done the sooner i can start the model A and everything else thats hit the back burner.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buy Me

If anyone wants to go one Ebay right now and buy me this Y-block powered wooden speed boat i wouldn't hold it against them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sometimes i find it hard to stay motivated to work on the same car day after day, especially when the light at the tunnel is sometimes only a dim light.
I know everyone goes through the same thing. Some people cut corners to make quick progress but for me i just plug along and try and do things right.
The rust in the Valaints c-pillar has been one of those jobs i've been putting off and am only now getting to.
My motivation however is at an all time high. I've been busting out some long hours and looking for work to finish instead of looking for an excuse to stop. The rust in the pillar is already cut out and a patch panel made.
I guess in the end all the hours of unmotivated work you do and seem to get nowhere eventually pay off. I'm sure this current work ethic will last a good while.

I'll post some photos of progress soon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Got A Handle On It

To match the wheel. I was that bored at work, it still needs more sanding and the wood stained. This week i'm making a tube notcher between jobs.


Is the kid in that photo a ghost?
The rusty pedal car we pulled out of the bush a while back. It looks kinda like a tractor but is too far gone to repair. Just something to hang on the garage wall.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Or Best Offer

So i heard you were after a 39' Ford chassis? Well then i'm the man you'd be wanting to see.
If your a W.C.Z. follower you'd know we pulled this out of the bush. All i wanted was the front and rear ends but somehow we ended up taking the lot and now i gotta move the fucker when ever i mow.
As a result its up for, as in beer cheap. Its pitted in spots and is definitely showing its age but still usable.
Email me and we'll organise a time for you to drop the beer around.
Its located 20min west of Brisbane just over the border in Ipswich.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hot Rodding Review....3/10

I got given some old Australian hotrod magazines the other day that go me excited when i saw the covers. (Thanks Paul) Unfortunately the content in these old hotrod magazines is always hit and miss. If only the cars on the covers were in the mags themselves. Good covers though.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Gets Bogged In The Suburbs?

Been having trouble with my daily driver lately. Seems somethings draining the battery overnight and leaving me late for work. I got a feeling the batteries cooked.
I swear that car knows i'm gonna ditch it as soon as the valiant is on the road and is trying to out play me.
Its done it before when i've gone to look at other knows.
Anyways i thought i'd jump start the car but the battery is that bad it wouldn't even kick over. No problem i'll drive the Customline. Get the Cusso out and think i'll just quickly wash all the dust off it from sitting under the house.
Problem is my hose is not long enough so i drove it onto the grass, wash it down, go to move it and with all the recent rain i got bogged and ran out of fuel trying to unbog it.
Now i'm well late for work waiting for my good ol' dad to help bail me out.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beatnik Scotty

Scotty sure does some tidy pinstripping.


I met Damiano in a camp ground in Denmark of all places.
He woke me up trying to start his Vespa the morning before these photos were taken.
We tracked it down to some bad wiring, got it started and blasted through Copenhagen.
Trust me theres nothing gay about two grown men on a Vespa? O.k maybe it was a little gay but i'd do it again.
Anyways Damiano had travelled from Italy all the way to Denmark with nothing but the G.P.S. on his mobile phone to guide him, even on the German autobahns. This dude was living the Vespa dream.