Saturday, July 16, 2011


Part Six

This really should be step five but i got ahead of myself.
If i had my time again i would have welded in the front crossmember before i did the kick up. It would have just made aligning everything up a bit easier. Measure, measure, measure!
Then measure some more. The front crossmember gets welded in on a 6 - 8 degree tilt back which sets the castor. I used a reproduction front crossmember and cut perfectly to size.

Everything is just tacked in place for now with a Mig. Since I'm a much better Tig welder than with a Mig I'm going to Tig everything at a later date.

Part Five

Aka the walk like an Egyptian step.
After making the chassis rails to resemble stock Model A rails i wanted to make a kick up in the front to get the front end as low as possible without looking like a hacked up frame. For me the best way was to have the front sweep up like a 32' frame does.
To do this i cut a 7 degree Egyptian pyramid just in front of where the firewall ends.Then another pyramid behind where the front crossmember will sit to bring it back level. I've heard some people refer to this as a pie cut? Not sure why that is, pies are round where I'm from.

The end result of a 7 degree Egyptian pyramid cut will give a 3 inch drop over the standard frame.
And just trust me on the 7 degrees it was a major mind fuck to work that out.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Computer Crash

Sorry about the lack of posts but my computer crashed and it gave everything to the all mighty computer gods. Which is good because technology really fucks ya life up.