Saturday, December 17, 2011

See You Next Year

With a little luck.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4'S 4 Dave

Thats all i got cause thats all we saw. All at Moon.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

WCZ Pick

For me of all the amazing cars that were at the show this was by far my favourite. I like the fact its like a show rod but a full size car. The paint and build quality was amazing and all the gaps and panel work were as good as you'll ever see. Its actually a 1964 Dodge Dart believe it or not.

The most amazing part for me is the fore thought that must have gone into it, the builder must have an incredible minds eye. Truly the coolest car I've ever seen. This car was also Gene Winfields pick for best car.

Moon After Party

On the Monday after the car show Shige holds a little get together for all the guests from overseas at the Moon cafe/workshop. Just a little BBQ, fun times getting to meet and chat with everyone.
I really liked this hippy inspired bike.

Chantelle, Shige, Mez and Josh. Goodtimes!

Two Wheel Freedom Machines (Under)

Without over reacting if you said there was a thousand bikes parked underneath the main hall and 80% of them were Harleys you would have to be guessing on the conservative side. And the amount of Pans and Knuckles is more than you'd hope to see in a lifetime.
This dude is living the dream. The fabrication on this bike was awesome. I got a bad habit of closely looking at welds and being a harsh judge - 10 out of 10!

This girl was kick starting a Shovel with high heeled boots on and she was smoking hot! I wish i got a better photo. Its actually surprising how many girls ride bikes, and full tilt Harleys not scooters.

How good is this bike!

This was one of my favourites.

Two Wheel Freedom Machines (Outside)

Just outside the main hall there's a driveway that becomes a cool spot to sit and watch the thousands of bikes blast by. There's two car parks one outside and another under the hall. These are the photos from outside.
So many Pans - this one ruled it. Not as many Ironheads as you'd expect, but a heap of Shovels.

The bikes outside where better than the ones inside!!!


Kulture with a K

Man i hate that word anyways pinstriping, painting and cool art in general is pretty big in Japan.

Heaps of people pinstriping away at their booths all day and selling art.
And a helmet painting contest! Here's my two favourites

Two Wheel Freedom Machines (Inside)

Inside the show there was around two hundred bikes at a guess. More Pans and Knuckles than anything else! and not as many Jap engined bikes as you'd think. This bike i thought that if you took all the crap off its actually a perfectly proportioned bike.

Split tank, the bars where cool too.

Not many Sidevalves around.

This pink bike was the pick for me inside. Nothing says get fucked like a pink bike. I got better photos angle wise but their a bit fuzzy.


This is only a very small portion of the cars that were there. So many amazing cars that it was a little overwhelming, and there just wasn't enough time to take them all in like this chopped 58' Pontiac which you would probably be blown away by, but on the day we probably gave it a minute of our time. This Chev was another car that we walked passed but luckily doubled back to realise the chopped roof and pancaked boot was perfectly aligned. Painted in white primer I'm guessing a nice paint job is in order.

Wild paint was the order of the day.

The paint on these next two cars is a combination of about a thousand different colours, pearls and flakes.

This pickup was one of the cars of the show for me.