Friday, December 9, 2011

Mooneyes SpeedShop

Hhhhmmm beards coming along nicely. wasn't cold one bit. The day before the show we went down to the Mooneyes speed shop to check it out. They had a few cars out front for sale. I thought this little Crown ute was cool.
Neat little shoe box Ford hanging out outside the workshop.

Mooneyes speed shop bottom floor. Mainly Moon merchandise.

The top floor was where all the goodies were.

On the Saturday night before the show they had a little get together for all the international guys to shoot the shit and have a bite to eat. Oh yeah they fucking fed us and gave us beer! Unfortunately i was having too good of a time to take photos.
Outside i found a cool little rod when i went for a wander. Outside the main hall was a few Mooneyes shop cars.
I hope to one day measure up to this guy!!!
The Dice party.....These guys may or may not be from Mexico. Either way they ruled.

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