Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eliminators Car Show

I think those new fan dangled phones all the tech savy kids have these days take better photos than my shit camera. If you squint though they are very arty, I'm just a misunderstood artist....

I couldn't be fucked adjusting the settings for glare and gave up after these.

Psycodelic Tendencies

I've said it so many times before - old cars, airbrushing and mind altering drugs go hand in hand. Don't care who you are, if your stoner mates car doesn't have a sweet mural its game set and match.
But it can be hard sometimes coming up with an original idea, i mean naked chicks, snakes and wizards have all been done to death. Just don't sweat it, skull wizards are cool on so many levels, so just bust one out like this guy! Add tribal tattoos a twirled moustache and some fucked up hands and your back in the stoner game.

Swap Goodies

First time in a long time I'd got something worth while. Brand new chromed 39' Ford spindles with king pins. And an Arlen Ness book from the late 80's for an old mate who's a big fan.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still For Sale

$40G not bad. For the parts and body it seems fair.

Fan Shroud

I'm pretty pleased with my little fan shroud i made up. The Valiant is getting a little warm when sitting in traffic, and before i entertain the idea of a thermo fan i wanted to see if a fan shroud makes much of a difference.
I just made it out of some scrap aluminium we had at work. It took me a lazy three hours and seems to pull alot of air through the radiator. I only wished now i didn't use scratched up aluminium and I'd put more thought and effort into the sides. All up though if it works i'll be happy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


A coming of age TV show about two homosexuals from what i can work out?
Fordson tractor tank fitted to English made tractors in the 30's, 40's. Has two compartments, one for petrol and the other for Kerosene, very rare Picked - $50 Valued - don't give a fuck, Profit - One big fuckin' ear to ear grin!

A geezer at TAFE where I'm doing my welding cert got talking to me about the hotrod he's building and i happened to spy my personal holy grail of fuel tanks sitting in the bed of his fibreglass 32' pick up in a photo on his phone.

Anyways he said he was going for the 'bullet hole look' whatever the fuck that means and said he was replacing it with something??? I don't know I'd tuned out when he said he wanted to sell the tank. But low and behold this tank is as mint as you could hope for and for $50 bucks I'm as happy as Larry.