Saturday, September 17, 2011


A coming of age TV show about two homosexuals from what i can work out?
Fordson tractor tank fitted to English made tractors in the 30's, 40's. Has two compartments, one for petrol and the other for Kerosene, very rare Picked - $50 Valued - don't give a fuck, Profit - One big fuckin' ear to ear grin!

A geezer at TAFE where I'm doing my welding cert got talking to me about the hotrod he's building and i happened to spy my personal holy grail of fuel tanks sitting in the bed of his fibreglass 32' pick up in a photo on his phone.

Anyways he said he was going for the 'bullet hole look' whatever the fuck that means and said he was replacing it with something??? I don't know I'd tuned out when he said he wanted to sell the tank. But low and behold this tank is as mint as you could hope for and for $50 bucks I'm as happy as Larry.

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