Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do You Smell Smoke?

He must have a hot ass. And not in a gay way.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enlarge This Instead

Just a post to push the post below off the top.
Wouldn't you rather look at old photos than my handsome mug?? Don't know anything about the cars or who took the photo sorry. Just thought it was cool.

The End

Alright i'm over it your over it, i've got a broken nose but except for a little bump and scar that will probably go away you'd never know it.


Every school had one. That big ginger kid who was always the school bully.
The kind of kid that had pretend friends. They'd pretend to be his friend so they wouldn't get bullied.
At my school he was a year older and took great pride in messing with my shit because i didn't play footy at lunch and wore Gilligan's shoes. You know those old canvas Vans shoes they wore on the t.v show Gilligans Island. Lame i know.
Anyways ol' ginger was chasing me up some stairs one lunch time when i saw a carrot sitting on the step just ahead of me. I picked that little orange fucker up, turned around, took aim and pegged it as hard as i possibly could just in time for him to look up and watch it explode on his face. It still makes me laugh out loud today, all these years later.
The look of surprise on that dumb fuckers face was priceless, and he topped it off with a little girlie moan that still has me in stitches.
If i hadn't seen it with my own eyes i wouldn't have believed a carrot could explode like that. Literally a hundred pieces.
Anyways i heard he was a rent-a-cop after we finished school and then became a fully fledged cop a few years after that. I guess they'll give anyone a gun these days. Its funny how the school bullies always end up cops.
Anyways what does this have with Neil Diekmans FJ? Well apparently you can have a heavily modified yet safe and meticulously looked after car continuously registered for over 35 years with no problems until a cop "just doing his job" decides to camp out at the end of your street every morning giving you defect notices.
Last i heard he was thinking about a harassment claim. Not sure what became of it all but he's still driving it. Oh and the car still looks the same all these years later.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gone Fishing

Yeah i know the blogs been lacking a bit lately. It took me a little while to get over the smack in the face and catching up with all the things i couldn't do when out of action.
It really knocked me around a bit, but i've found time to get back into the garage and things will be back to normal soon.
The car above?? Seems like a cheap hotrod to build.

Lest We Forget

Remember the diggers that gave so much for the safety of this country and others in times of need.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ahh the ol' VH44 power booster hey! Yep had meself one in the Kingswood.
Actually i've never owned a Kingswood but surely thats what i would have said if i did and ran across this hand painted on the side of an old delivery van.
Hhmm i think the VH44 was for disc/drum set-ups and the VH40 was for drum/drum or maybe the other way round and i'm only guessing they were in Kingswoods because they were in just about everything else.
Hell i don't know ask the Mez he remembers all that shit so i don't have to. Good sign though.

Unlucky Green

When we were kids we were messing around with matches and happened to stumble across this funny green weed in my mates front yard that when burnt smelt a lot like pot. Well, not exactly, but maybe close enough to fool a 14 year old a little wet behind the ears.
So like all good enterprising businessmen we hatched 10 point business plan, ran the figures and came to the conclusion that there might be a tidy little sum to be had.
We didn't have time for the whole dry it out in a phone book process, so we just dug it up, zapped it in the microwave on low, chopped it up and made some quick cash.
My mates brother reported a sore throat, headache and a placebo stoned effect.
The business fell apart after the weed ran out and it became more fun to tell everyone we were selling a normal garden weed than the real deal.
What happened to the profits? Well my business associate used his money to buy the real deal and get wasted whilst i used mine to buy new handle bars and pegs for my BMX.
Moral of the story? Theres probably many, but i guess if you do the drugs, sooner or later your goner get played by some smarter fuckers and have nothing but a rad headache to show for it. On the good side of the coin however, if ya spend your fast cash on some sweet pegs for your BMX you get to ride down to the shops doubling the bitches on the back. Yee-Ha Julie. She left me for an much older guy with a licence but i still touched her boobs first haha.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking Worse Today

I suppose things get worse before they get better.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Damo's Hardtop Again

Just a side view photo i didn't post first time round.

Clayton's 36'

I really loved this car from the first time i saw it.
Not many people pull the guards off 36' Fords and hotrod them this way and get away with it and Clayton's done a good job at keeping this old 60's hotrod alive.
Its for sale now to finance his 48' Ford. Sadly i don't have the room or money.

Almost Cashed In Me Chips Yesterday

This is what can happen bending 10mm steel plate in a press.
Just because you and everyone else has used the poorly designed jig a hundred times to bend plate doesn't mean its safe.
Stop and have a think, none of this she'll be right shit, no one goes to work to die.
Blood EVERYWHERE, ambulance came and gave me 5 shots of morphine and i was still begging for more. 8 stitches to the bridge of the nose and two black eyes. Won't know if i have a broken nose until all the swelling goes down.
Maybe 5 tonnes of pressure and the jig popped out and smacked me in the face. Just saw a blur and then blood was spilling all over the place. Any lower no more teeth any higher who knows maybe blind or dead. When it hit with such force i couldn't believe i was still alive. I would never believe having been hit that hard that anyone could live.
Stop and think fellas.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Custom Crafts

I was asked to post this and not be a smart ass or say anything untoward about Betty Boop, cherry hair clips or the need to spell custom and craft with a 'k'.
Therefore will it be good? Fucks me, sure why not

33' Drag Car

Nothing says Aussie drag racing more than red wall tyres and white overalls.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Good wheels bad stance.... Easy fix. Me want.

Rapson & Dutton

The lathe copped a work out this afternoon machining aluminium solid bar for work.
As always the 5min machine job turned into an hour.
Anyways i was lucky to score this old lathe off the grandmother of a guy i worked with. Right place right time and CHEAP!!! It was his grandads.
On the research i've done the lathe was imported in pieces and assembled by a company called Rapson & Dutton circa late 40's. It would have originally run off shafts in the roof that went the length of the workshop with long belts that ran down from these shafts. No such thing as hobby lathes in the 40's.
You can see the guy must have bought it, most likely second hand and bolted on an electric motor with a wood frame. Sounds bad but works o.k. for now.
He had a home made shield that covered the gears to stop stray fingers getting caught in the gears but i tossed it in the name of anyone having a finger missing must be old school.
If anyone has any info on Rapson & Dutton lathes let me know i'm keen to learn more.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Before And After

I stole these photos from the Ozrodders website but thought they might be of interest here.
The story was no one died, but thats a big hit for a car with no seat belts.

Damo's Hardtop

Fuck yeah Damo the hard works payed off.