Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Every school had one. That big ginger kid who was always the school bully.
The kind of kid that had pretend friends. They'd pretend to be his friend so they wouldn't get bullied.
At my school he was a year older and took great pride in messing with my shit because i didn't play footy at lunch and wore Gilligan's shoes. You know those old canvas Vans shoes they wore on the t.v show Gilligans Island. Lame i know.
Anyways ol' ginger was chasing me up some stairs one lunch time when i saw a carrot sitting on the step just ahead of me. I picked that little orange fucker up, turned around, took aim and pegged it as hard as i possibly could just in time for him to look up and watch it explode on his face. It still makes me laugh out loud today, all these years later.
The look of surprise on that dumb fuckers face was priceless, and he topped it off with a little girlie moan that still has me in stitches.
If i hadn't seen it with my own eyes i wouldn't have believed a carrot could explode like that. Literally a hundred pieces.
Anyways i heard he was a rent-a-cop after we finished school and then became a fully fledged cop a few years after that. I guess they'll give anyone a gun these days. Its funny how the school bullies always end up cops.
Anyways what does this have with Neil Diekmans FJ? Well apparently you can have a heavily modified yet safe and meticulously looked after car continuously registered for over 35 years with no problems until a cop "just doing his job" decides to camp out at the end of your street every morning giving you defect notices.
Last i heard he was thinking about a harassment claim. Not sure what became of it all but he's still driving it. Oh and the car still looks the same all these years later.

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