Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unlucky Green

When we were kids we were messing around with matches and happened to stumble across this funny green weed in my mates front yard that when burnt smelt a lot like pot. Well, not exactly, but maybe close enough to fool a 14 year old a little wet behind the ears.
So like all good enterprising businessmen we hatched 10 point business plan, ran the figures and came to the conclusion that there might be a tidy little sum to be had.
We didn't have time for the whole dry it out in a phone book process, so we just dug it up, zapped it in the microwave on low, chopped it up and made some quick cash.
My mates brother reported a sore throat, headache and a placebo stoned effect.
The business fell apart after the weed ran out and it became more fun to tell everyone we were selling a normal garden weed than the real deal.
What happened to the profits? Well my business associate used his money to buy the real deal and get wasted whilst i used mine to buy new handle bars and pegs for my BMX.
Moral of the story? Theres probably many, but i guess if you do the drugs, sooner or later your goner get played by some smarter fuckers and have nothing but a rad headache to show for it. On the good side of the coin however, if ya spend your fast cash on some sweet pegs for your BMX you get to ride down to the shops doubling the bitches on the back. Yee-Ha Julie. She left me for an much older guy with a licence but i still touched her boobs first haha.

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