Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aaahh Bruce

A good a reason as any to have a beer i think. Happy days Mez.


Dude i know how you feel. You got all the right shit - shoes, jeans, car and now after all that hard work you found yourself short in the moustache department wondering where it all went wrong.

It hurts i know, i've been there. I've faced the name calling, the whispers behind the back. I've seen the giggles from the young girls and even been refused service at the local speak easy.

Its ok though, theres still one ace left up the ol' Docs sleeve. Just cut this sweet tickler out, lick the back and slip in on. Problem solved.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trikes Are Gay

This photo came from me mate Poddo.
He likes Kombi's, trikes and long walks through trailer parks.

I'm Still Alive

Sorry fellas I've been working hard in the garage to get the Valiant hardtop done so i got a daily diver next year and as a result i've been a bit slack on WCZ updates.

Check the picture - rust holes in the roof big enough to FTW. I should actually take pictures and post them up, but it's not really a car i think visitors to my blog would be interested in. Let me know if ya keen and i'll do regular updates?

To tell the truth it was just a car i thought i could fix up and sell, and then i told myself i wouldn't start the hotrod until it was driving. But like every project i seem to do, i get to involved and now the car will become just a reliable old car i can drive EVERY DAY and not feel bad if someone scratches it or rests there beer on the roof.

It won't be a show car, but it will be reliable (i hope) and rust free.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Floyd Koddington

Remember that time on American Rat Rods when there head painter left and everyone was was like, "Who's going to paint all the cars now" and Floyd Koddington said to Wayne "We have to get this car done in 3 days start to finish" and Wayne was like all fuck and looking stupid and shit, but was really packing darkies on the inside and said to Floyd "who's going to paint the car" and Floyd was like "relax boys i got a secret painter i'm flying in from the Redfern housing commission flats" but little did everyone know that Floyd was going to paint the car and when everyone left for the day he chopped up a big bowl of weed and pulled an all nighter then when everyone came to work the next day they saw that Floyd had sniffed way too many paint fumes but had managed to paint a complete car and Wayne was like "oh fuck all we have to do now is sand out all the paint runs and buff out all the orange peel" and they only just made the deadline in time for Floyd's second wife to take all the credit for the build. Yeah that was this car.......

Monday, November 23, 2009

WCZ Motors

Im starting a car company. WCZ Motors. I think this emblem represents exactly what were about.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Melbournes Cleanest Cars

Another photo from Ryan at Chopped. The devils in the details. Stock or rod?
When the advertising sign said "Come up to Kool" they were talking about these model A's

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Watch This

Add your own music. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Oh i should have mentioned in the post below that Ryan also does some way cool paint jobs and pin stripping, both big and small, but if you read Chopped magazine you would have already put the two together.
If you like what you see go here

The True Originals

Ryan from Chopped Magazine was kind enough to give me this rad photo of some Australian drag racing from back in the day.
Theres so much cool shit going down in this photo. Take the time to really look at it, its solid gold.
These guys are the true originals, the rest of us can only follow.
Thanks Ryan.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fuck Jared

Actually i don't even know Jared, but i'm sure he's a better fella than Sharky, who i don't know either.
Anyways fuck the both of em' cause they both got nothing on the Mez.
Did any of that make sense? It wasn't really supposed to.
Just go buy Street Machine mag on the 15th of December.

You Should Have Bought It.

I had a post a few weeks back on building a cool cheap hotrod.
Well i remember saving these pics of this unfinished model T lakester that sold in Melbourne, i think for around 11k with a heap of spares.
Theres a lot of things you'd change - motorcycle? front tyres and crazy zoomies to get away from the rat rod shit, but a lick of paint and a tidy up is all it would really need.
If anyone knows what became of it let me know - i want that fuel tank.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glen #1

I recently ran across some cool old photos from an old aussie hotrodder Glen and he was kind enough to let me use them. He started working on cars early. The photo above is him helping dad. Heres his story in his own words.

I lived in Sydney in the mid 60's, hung around The Shifters at Ashfield while still at school, then helped start The Phantoms in 1966 in Campsie.
Remember spending weekends fixing the pits at Castlereagh drags, crewing a D/A Fiat altered with a hot grey motor in her, fooling around with a 34 Chev sedan, 28 Essex coupe, 41 Willys sedan, Morris Minor convertible, twin spinner sedan and 1953 'anniversary' Cusso ute.
I've also got heaps of colour photos and slides from the original Roselands shows, Castlereagh etc, if only I could convince my ex to hand them over.
You'd think after almost 40 years she'd back off, but no.

Glen #2

I think I was about 15 when I got the 34' Chev for $4 (2 Pounds) at the time. I was still at school, and we pulled the tyres, took them to a servo on a billy cart and got them pumped up, jacked up the body and replaced the spring hanger bolts the old bloke had undone, tossed in a battery and some juice and my stepfather drove it home! Talk about school boy dreaming.
I pulled it to bits and it taught me how things on a car worked, then I sold the good bits to a restorer for 10 quid, and the chassis and body to a scrappy for 5 more!
My first 'real' car was a 1941 Willys 4 door sedan, which is still on the road today as a rod, and features on the willys world downunder website. I bought it in February 1966 for $20, running and registered.Let me know when you put the pics up and I'll have a look.Cheers, Glen.

Thanks Glen. Its photos like yours that make my day. The picture couldn't be anymore Australian. I love the 'Hills hoist' and old timey flame job.

Hit And Run

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Find Me One

Has anyone got any leads on this style fuel tank? I want one to replace the Nash one i have for the 31' roadster i'll be building.
They where fitted to Fordson tractors for many years.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We shall remember them.
A special W.C.Z. thanks to all service men and women and even those brave wheel standing heroes that fought to bring wheel standing to the publics attention in times of peace.
Lest We Forget.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Be There And Be Square

Can someone lend me a cool $40 Its the South Pacific monster truck world finals for fuck sake!
Monster trucks used to be all about the working blue collar classes but for $40 this event is black tie only!

Go Kart Go

Daryl at work had another photo of the go-kart he built with a mate in the 60's.
The photo is basically the same angle as the last one but you can see a bit more detail. There is even a FJ Holden in the neighbours yard.
It still baffles me this thing went 105mph!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pioneering Hotrods

Ron Wilson built this show stopping 29' Chevrolet in his home garage in the 1960's. Some serious time and money went into building this car, and in its day would have pulled a big crowd.
But by the early 70's it was for sale in a Melbourne car yard for a hefty sum of money, and maybe the Monaro was a better buy.
Still this was true Aussie hotrod pioneering at its best, and without guys like Ron who knows where we might be.
I'm told the car is still around though, but looks nothing like its original appearance.

I Heart Dave

Holy shit, Dave really came through with the goods and designed a kick ass logo! It has everything, Hairy balls, crotch rot and even a reference to the honourable working ladies.

Dave get your grubby little mits on your dad's photo album so i can scan the photos and i'll love you long time.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Worlds Fastest Bathtub

I've said it before and i'll say it again, these wheel standing heroes amongst men have some massive balls to do what they do.
Have a gander at this geezer, his testicular elephantitis is so out of control he needs a bath tub to fit em' in.
Look and learn kids.


Been saving pictures of chopped 55' and 56' Fords when i come across them on my internet travels for inspiration on my own 56' Unfortunately theres not many that are done well. These two are the only stand out examples.
Probably because all the bad chops try to flatten out the windscreen but these two keep the curved glass.
Aaahh who am i kidding, i got enough projects to finish first before i chop up a drivable registered car.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More From Tav's

Took some other photos when i was at Taveners. The Trumpy was full gay 70's style but was cheap enough for a really good start on a project and the Pan head was in for some repairs.
The Pan head was allegedly at the scene in a famous bikey shooting that i won't mention but you know how these stories go - usually trumped up but the mods on the bike would put it at least in the same decade. Feel free to enlighten me if you were there.

Just An Old School Tow Grind Thanks

Poddo and i were busy in the garage pulling the motor apart for the Valiant. She was pretty worn but still has the original bore size. It goes down to Danny saturday to do the machining then back to me for reassembly.
It's a good feeling the first start up of an engine you built yourself. Looking forward to the maiden voyage.
More updates soon.

Winner ding ding ding...

The new logos is up and its a ball tearer. Courtesy of the Mez.
I'd like to say i was flooded with entries but i'm almost certain no one reads this thing so to get more hits let me just say "Michael Jackson's last performance" and "Britney Spears nude" that should put me at the top of Google search!
Anyways the shitty old logo i drew is on the left. Send me more logos if ya got an idea,i want to change it frequently.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Design And Win

I need someone to design me a banner for my crappy blog. It doesn't have to be good, in fact something equally as gay would be rad. I just have one request - no cock and balls.
Oh and if its really good i can do a tradesman swap of skills, entertain at your little sisters hens night or find something from the W.C.Z. vault to swap.

Brrrm Brrrm

Joseph is slowly wheeling and dealing parts to build this FJ into a nostalgia drag car. It'll be one bad ass car, and quick to.
The motor he has for it is sitting in his EH sedan at the moment and is set up to run on alcohol on the street. You'll know Joseph and his dad, there the ones sitting at the lights with tears in there eyes.

PodRodder #1

We went and picked up Poddo's motor for his Trumpy from Taverners yesterday. So clean and shiny. This is what they look like before the oil pisses out of em'
Anyways Poddo's building a sweet sidecar Triumph that uses some pretty cool parts. I did some welding on the girder fork he's using and now the motors back all systems are go.