Saturday, November 7, 2009


Been saving pictures of chopped 55' and 56' Fords when i come across them on my internet travels for inspiration on my own 56' Unfortunately theres not many that are done well. These two are the only stand out examples.
Probably because all the bad chops try to flatten out the windscreen but these two keep the curved glass.
Aaahh who am i kidding, i got enough projects to finish first before i chop up a drivable registered car.

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  1. fuck chopping it... i dont think cusso's need it... the bar grille looks cool.. and the frenched headlights.... ill try and getsome pix of my ol mans kustom cusso before it died (well got parted out) done in late 60's early 70's... bar grille, rounded corners, shaved chrome, roll pans front and rear, "XR" tailights with the peak just filled in... haha... and a pretty quick engine (t-bird 312 Y i think)... i always wanted it but never had the cash... bummer that it never got re-done to its former glory... oh well... someone has a mainline ute with the front off it now...