Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Floyd Koddington

Remember that time on American Rat Rods when there head painter left and everyone was was like, "Who's going to paint all the cars now" and Floyd Koddington said to Wayne "We have to get this car done in 3 days start to finish" and Wayne was like all fuck and looking stupid and shit, but was really packing darkies on the inside and said to Floyd "who's going to paint the car" and Floyd was like "relax boys i got a secret painter i'm flying in from the Redfern housing commission flats" but little did everyone know that Floyd was going to paint the car and when everyone left for the day he chopped up a big bowl of weed and pulled an all nighter then when everyone came to work the next day they saw that Floyd had sniffed way too many paint fumes but had managed to paint a complete car and Wayne was like "oh fuck all we have to do now is sand out all the paint runs and buff out all the orange peel" and they only just made the deadline in time for Floyd's second wife to take all the credit for the build. Yeah that was this car.......

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