Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Sorry fellas I've been working hard in the garage to get the Valiant hardtop done so i got a daily diver next year and as a result i've been a bit slack on WCZ updates.

Check the picture - rust holes in the roof big enough to FTW. I should actually take pictures and post them up, but it's not really a car i think visitors to my blog would be interested in. Let me know if ya keen and i'll do regular updates?

To tell the truth it was just a car i thought i could fix up and sell, and then i told myself i wouldn't start the hotrod until it was driving. But like every project i seem to do, i get to involved and now the car will become just a reliable old car i can drive EVERY DAY and not feel bad if someone scratches it or rests there beer on the roof.

It won't be a show car, but it will be reliable (i hope) and rust free.

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