Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glen #2

I think I was about 15 when I got the 34' Chev for $4 (2 Pounds) at the time. I was still at school, and we pulled the tyres, took them to a servo on a billy cart and got them pumped up, jacked up the body and replaced the spring hanger bolts the old bloke had undone, tossed in a battery and some juice and my stepfather drove it home! Talk about school boy dreaming.
I pulled it to bits and it taught me how things on a car worked, then I sold the good bits to a restorer for 10 quid, and the chassis and body to a scrappy for 5 more!
My first 'real' car was a 1941 Willys 4 door sedan, which is still on the road today as a rod, and features on the willys world downunder website. I bought it in February 1966 for $20, running and registered.Let me know when you put the pics up and I'll have a look.Cheers, Glen.

Thanks Glen. Its photos like yours that make my day. The picture couldn't be anymore Australian. I love the 'Hills hoist' and old timey flame job.

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