Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glen #1

I recently ran across some cool old photos from an old aussie hotrodder Glen and he was kind enough to let me use them. He started working on cars early. The photo above is him helping dad. Heres his story in his own words.

I lived in Sydney in the mid 60's, hung around The Shifters at Ashfield while still at school, then helped start The Phantoms in 1966 in Campsie.
Remember spending weekends fixing the pits at Castlereagh drags, crewing a D/A Fiat altered with a hot grey motor in her, fooling around with a 34 Chev sedan, 28 Essex coupe, 41 Willys sedan, Morris Minor convertible, twin spinner sedan and 1953 'anniversary' Cusso ute.
I've also got heaps of colour photos and slides from the original Roselands shows, Castlereagh etc, if only I could convince my ex to hand them over.
You'd think after almost 40 years she'd back off, but no.

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