Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost Cashed In Me Chips Yesterday

This is what can happen bending 10mm steel plate in a press.
Just because you and everyone else has used the poorly designed jig a hundred times to bend plate doesn't mean its safe.
Stop and have a think, none of this she'll be right shit, no one goes to work to die.
Blood EVERYWHERE, ambulance came and gave me 5 shots of morphine and i was still begging for more. 8 stitches to the bridge of the nose and two black eyes. Won't know if i have a broken nose until all the swelling goes down.
Maybe 5 tonnes of pressure and the jig popped out and smacked me in the face. Just saw a blur and then blood was spilling all over the place. Any lower no more teeth any higher who knows maybe blind or dead. When it hit with such force i couldn't believe i was still alive. I would never believe having been hit that hard that anyone could live.
Stop and think fellas.

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  1. Dude, that's insane! Hope you feel better soon. Just picking our jaws up off the table....The world needs more people like you, not less. Close one alright.

    Love Caleb Jess Juno and Banks

    PS If Banks had been ther I'm sure he would have tried to catch it before impact, he's good like that :)