Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jalopy Showdown

A few years ago i got tired of work and decided to up and leave the country. I travelled through America and Europe with the money i'd saved and basically the whole trip revolved around the dates of certain car shows and car museums. (Ford in Detroit, BMW in Munich, Mercedes Benz and Porsche in Stutgart, Toyota in Japan etc i won't bore you with them all as i did most)
Anyways one car show that really stood out from the rest was the Jalopy Showdown in Gettysberg Pensilvania.
I had to rent a car because the location was a bit remote and difficult to get to but one i thought would be well worth it. I drove out one afternoon and spent the nights sleep on the back seat of my little Chrysler at a truck stop. I remember it was a fucking cold night with my shitty jumper i had and every shirt i could squeeze on and two pairs of long dickies and still frozen. The radio said what i worked out to be 4 degrees celsius the next morning. I was still happy with my little adventure though, its all part of the experience.
The car show was at an old oval dirt track in a remote country area with the car show itself being in the grass paddock in the middle of the track. In the afternoon if you wanted you could blast around the dirt track which was wet to keep speeds down and i guess make it safer and by the looks funner.
The whole atmosphere was cool and the crowd really friendly. Nothing like the bullshit of Viva Las Vegas, just real car guys with home built cars. These are just some of the photos.
I would love to go back and meet up with the people i met at that show, i'm sure they'd remember me. It just seems so far away now....

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