Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Gets Bogged In The Suburbs?

Been having trouble with my daily driver lately. Seems somethings draining the battery overnight and leaving me late for work. I got a feeling the batteries cooked.
I swear that car knows i'm gonna ditch it as soon as the valiant is on the road and is trying to out play me.
Its done it before when i've gone to look at other knows.
Anyways i thought i'd jump start the car but the battery is that bad it wouldn't even kick over. No problem i'll drive the Customline. Get the Cusso out and think i'll just quickly wash all the dust off it from sitting under the house.
Problem is my hose is not long enough so i drove it onto the grass, wash it down, go to move it and with all the recent rain i got bogged and ran out of fuel trying to unbog it.
Now i'm well late for work waiting for my good ol' dad to help bail me out.

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