Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carby Goodtimes

Scored these four carbs today for dirt cheap. Two Holey 94's and two Stromberg 48's. I was hoping the Stromberg 48's would be unmarked 97's, just due to the 97's having a lower cfm flow rate and smaller venturis which make them better for a multi carb setup, but since i got all four carbs for the price i would have payed for the two Holley 94's i can't complain. Check out the home made tunnel ram intake. Sweet! Turns out the 48's are pretty desirable in America at $100 a piece in rough condition. A lot more than i payed for them. I'll save them for a future project.
I think i have 15 Holley 94's now. How many is enough? I'll need to make six good ones for the Hotrod.

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