Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm A Dreamer

I think i'm the dreamer to end all dreamers. W.C.Z. reporter Cam sent me these photos of old drag cars from days gone by. Obviously American based, but the type of photos that get my twisted thoughts going.
Henry Ford himself said a man can only be judged on his actions alone not the thoughts and intentions in his head. And we all know now that history became a true indication of his actions, and sadly as time goes by, history is dealing me, and us all the same fate, and in my case i haven't faired as well.
So with that in mind i can only say what i do or have done, and for now i'll just say nothing and enjoy the pictures and admire the men who put there thoughts into reality, and didn't just sit around dreaming abut them.
There was some running commentary to the photos but i couldn't figure out how to link it all together so i'll just add some of my own.
Anyways thanks Cam. Here at W.C.Z. submissions are always welcome.

Three bloody wheels and a wheel base short enough to make this one scary ride. I call it the Meschersmidt Three Wheeler Death Facilitator.
Oh man i know smeones going to correct me and prove me well wrong, but i think the jet powered car was built by Art Afrons,(famous for landspeed racing post war) and from memory it crashed and killed a spectator and Art never raced another car again, from being so shaken from the accident.
A rock was used as a weight for the front wheels. Imagine if it came off?
4 wheel drive Just like them Subaru's the youngsters are all talkin about. Only you need a dick bigger than 10 inches to drive it.
Its air born
This guy likes his motors like he likes his ladies in bed. Two at a time.
I wanna work here. Which reminds me that its Sunday night and i hate my job more every day.
All business
Its just a big bloody go-kart.
An aerodynamic brick
Tough match up, all though i think this is the pre-race burnout cause you can just see a little wisp of smoke from the go-karts tyres.................................. not really, maybe someone can photo shop some in. I think that starter was what the idea for the logo on those Air Jordan shoes came from.
The blowers bigger than the motor.

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