Sunday, August 15, 2010

Valiant Update

Its been a while since the last post, and for good reason.
The motor and box are finally sitting in the engine bay with the helping hand of a mate and the 'final' coats of paint were applied, all with no shortage of arse ache.
The body work on this car has battled me the whole time. I'm no panel and paint enthusiast by any means. I come from a mechanical side of thinking, and whilst I enjoy shaping metal and repairing rust and the like, its all the sanding and paint prep side of things that become an evil necessity i endure to get the car done.............and it shows.
I would like to say the paint looks passable, but i had a little problem with my million dollar paint gun i.e. the guy on the other end of it, and as a result i didn't get enough coats of paint on that i would have liked before i wasted all my paint solving my problems. I recon i'll just get another couple of litres during the week and spray a few more coats on next weekend whilst i tackle the rest of the mechanicals during the week.
Oh well i guess if it was all easy everyone would be driving around in restored Valiants. Right?

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