Sunday, November 21, 2010

Style Awards

As we all know the Gold Coast is the style capital of the world, and the car shows are no different. Many of next seasons trends will be yesterdays news around these parts. Here's just a taste.
Best Motorised Toilet a.k.a. Wet Skid
Its pretty hard when you have a fully tricked out ride not to want to compliment it with an identically painted toilet. Imagine the skid marks you'll leave when you light the rear up. And that's even before you get it started. If your going to be throwing money down the toilet it may as well be on a motorised one. Best Mannequin a.k.a. Hans Yublick
I've said it before, if you haven't got a dummy display in your car theres no hope of going home with a trophy. You'll just be laughed at. I'm predicting an explosion of dummies onto the car scene next year and by the then the Gold Coast guys would have moved on to something cooler, like dildo shifters or something. Extra points must go for his jacket matching the Hyundai Excel seat trim also. Nothing to me says hotrod more than dummies and Hyundai Excels. Best Plush Toy a.k.a. Mans Best Trend
I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that dogs die in hot cars, along with this guys chances of coming runner up. That's right homeboy first place all the way. It must have been close to. I can imagine the scenario on the way to the car show. "Hey Kev did you pack the toy dog?" "Oh fuck Troy! we gotta go back and get him! how will anyone ever take us seriously."

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