Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Shoes

I wasn't a big fan of the steel wheel look so i got some freebie caps from the Mez and his vast collection of spares and tools i seem to be borrowing a bit from lately.
There Chrysler caps off some Valiant of sorts and i think they make the car look like something grandad would drive and understated enough to not draw unwanted attention. Perfect for a daily driver.
In other news i finally fixed my long enduring misfire, which can be put down to my own stupid error when i timed the motor up, i somehow timed it a tooth out?? I have no idea how, one tooth is a long way out on the chain, but i'm just happy to have it running right.
All i need now is someone to help me bleed the brakes and a wheel alignment and the old girls good to.................I don't want to jinx myself, lets just leave it at that.

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