Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cusso #4

I found these last ones hiding. If i could do it all again i probably would have just tryed to touch up the original paint somehow.
The Story: Well me mate told me about a 56' Customline sitting in the backyard of an Ipswich tattooist's house named Bones. It was pulled apart and came with a sad looking 302 Clevo sitting under a Redback spider infested tarp in the uncut grass.
I think he may have bought it and pulled it apart himself and realised it was never going to go back together.
Never the less these were the days before ebay. You know? the days when everything was a fair price and you actually had to meet people and help make the hotrod community not just sit behind a computer and buy into it.
Not that this car was ever intended to be a hotrod, it has 4 doors, thats all we got in Australia.
I was just a young fella with no money who wanted to drive around in an old car and take me dear ol' mum for a drive to the shops.
A life of simple pleasures you could say.

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