Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Heart Work Today

My 'favourite' boss at work was going through the companys rule book to find some clause about getting rid of mobile phones in the workshop. Not for me or any of the other guys, but for one guy who might get a phone call from his wife maybe once every other day. Somehow the 30 second phone call annoys the boss. Fair enough they hate each other in a - you fuck me over i fuck you over sort of way.
I couldn't give a shit either way, my life would be better off without a phone but thats not my problem.
Apparantly when talking to head office, theres a rule that legally they only have to give us a 10minute break for smoko, not the 15 we've been taking. So now starting tomorrow we have to start 5 minutes earlier to make up for the extra time we've been having at smoko. Its all really laughable.
All the time and effort spent to fuck one guy over might have been better used to find someone to fix the TIG welder so we don't have to lay down shit welds day in day out, instead of constantly fobbing the problem off to the too hard basket.
Anyways boring rant over.

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