Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Part Three

Aka The Dr Love patented Super Sweep 2000 or frame template for short.
Instead of forking out the going price of $400 and repairing and boxing up a rusty original Model A frame, i decided long ago i was going to fabricate my own.
Now i may be a border line cocktail lover but i draw my gayness in at a T-bucket frame. You know the ones, just two flat frame rails with an after thought crossmember.
So that being said i needed a template to mark out the shape of a Model A frame onto some 4x2 box. You can find chassis dimension drawings on the internet easy enough.
Now i work with aluminium every day so i cut a flat piece 4 inch wide and marked out the dimensions. Now the drawings don't tell you the radius of the swoop so i had to improvise a little with my patented super sweep. Here's what it looked like behind the smoke and mirrors. My patented bendy ruler technique gives a suitable radius to mark from. The actual radius in this photo looked bad when i cut it out so i started again and made a second one.

The final template is as shows. I was happy with the outcome but looking at the photo it looks a little off. Might be the angle of the photo i think.

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