Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eight Sides

Fuck I'm bored waiting on parts. At Christmas they told me end of January start of February, then it was end of February start of March, know it's who are you again? I'm dead set starting a hotrod shop, I'd only have to give half the customer service to earn a living.
Anyways since all i seem to do is walk around my garage looking lost, today i thought to match the coffin tank I'd have a fair crack at making an oil tank. This is as far as i got before i knocked over an empty beer bottle and broke glass everywhere and decided diner was more important. Shit happens, but someone should definitely build a bike and put these parts to use. That someone could be YOU? You can have em' for next to nothing if you let me build a sissy bar as well, i got a killer idea for one to match.

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