Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crying Poor

Ok some ground rules. If i can help it i only want to try and picture Australian built rods, bikes, customs and whatever. It won't always be the case but i'll try.
Anyways fight the power and screw the rules man this little roadster pick up got me thinking how cheap you could build a cool fun little rod. Now don't start complaining that you got no money, i know you have pay Tv, spend at least $15 bucks a day on lunch trying to impress the girl who drives the smoko van (lets face it, shes ugly with terrible tits) and double that amount on smokes. Why not keep that hard earned dole money in your pocket and buy a model T cowl and doors, fabricate a rear panel and pick up tray, add some personal style with a cool steering wheel and you could even get an old discarded model A 4 banger and save for a sweet Riley intake and white walls!!! Hell get the parts, pay me in beer and i'll help ya to build the thing.

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