Monday, October 5, 2009

How to go 105mph!!!

Theres an old fella at work named Daryl who would easily have forgotten more shit than i know. He and a mate had an itch to go fast and built this go cart in the mid 60's. 305cc Honda Dream motor, welded pistons to increase compression, copper exhaust pipes (I'm told they sound better) and they even ground there own camshaft!!! It went 105mph at the old Lakeside race track before they were politely told not to come back. All this before old Daryl bolted on a cabin blower supercharger and proceeded to stretch head studs. They played around with thicker copper head gaskets and tuning but reliability problems and other interests saw to the go carts demise.
On a side note Daryl moved on to make from scratch his own supercharger for a Leyland Mini he had. Crazy!

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