Sunday, February 7, 2010

39' Ford Rescue Mission

Old mate Poddo found a chassis in the bush near where he grew up in Ipswich whilst dirt biking many years ago. He told me he'd found what he thought was a model A chassis and i hounded him for years to show me.
Anyways i wore him down and we went for a look. It turned out to be a 39' Ford chassis dumped in what must have been an old farm dumping ground.
There were remnants of old pedal cars, kids trikes and old bike parts. There were some old oil tins that had "Golden Fleece" painted on the side and an old fridge or two but nothing looked newer than 1959.
When the creek flooded the dump would go under water and 40 years of this meant everything was rusted beyond saving including many of the parts on the chassis. But being hotrodders the plan was to save it anyways. It was free after all.
The pictures tell the story better than i could put it into words but i can definitely say that it may not be everyones idea of a good time, but its adventures like these that for me make my life worth living.
These photos are in random order. This is how it looked after sitting since at least the late 50's

My guess is that the car was in an accident and the motor and body pulled off.

This photo's from the first time i went to see the hidden stash. Everything was rusted badly, not much else was salvageable except an old trike and a pedal car for my garage wall. Imagine crossing a creek with this? The bank on the other side is vertical!

This is on the way to collect the treasure. Lucky there were some old bridge beams and tree trunks, because i tested the water and it was over head high.

After disassembly we dragged the pieces nearly 200 meters to the creeks edge.

This is disassembly time.

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