Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Don't Like Volkswagon Beetles

There i said it.
Oh man that felt good to finally get that off my chest. Its been a cloud over my head for far to long now. I can't sleep, i can't eat and i'm tired of living a lie.
I don't even care about oval this and square that or even those indicator arms that swing out and the taillights that are cooler than the other ones. I'll even go as far as saying Kombi's are highly shit as well. Yeah that's right hippie, i said shit, put that in ya pipe and smoke it.
I only mildly like Manx buggies, oh wait there fibreglass right? That's ok this add from 68' proves fibreglass kit cars are old school.
Ha and you thought fibreglass was just for old guys in Hawaiian shirts.


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  2. Not as cool as rotaries hey doc!