Monday, July 5, 2010

Primer To Pristine

Only took a few pics, and these are by no means the best in attendance, i was on a mission to bring you the worst of the worst. More on that later. Everything but the big stereo made this XP a cool ride.

My uncle had a series of GT Falcon's over the years, but i only remember the XB GT coupe. He was a Naval veteran who served in Korea and Vietnam and loved getting boozed with my dad.

I remember when i was about 9 asking my drunkin' uncle if it would be better if i drive the car home from football training as he could hardly stand. I was dead serious to, he was that drunk! In those days drink driving was the expected norm.

He sold the car when he retired years later in a trade in on a another V8 Falcon but his time a shitty EB. Must have sounded like a good idea at the time. He said he hated to see the GT go but he needed 2 more doors.

In a twist of fate the GT burnt to the ground 2 weeks after he sold it when a fuel line split. He was happy that if he couldn't own it then no one should own it.

I think that's why i don't mind Falcon Coupes. I could drive this as a daily driver easy.

Hudsons rule.

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