Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scenester Guide 101

Here at W.C.Z's we like to bring you the latest trends of whats going on in the car show world. Who knows were the whole custom car craze will take us next, (i personally think its going to revolve around fake body parts) but its up to you the car enthusiast to decide, not us. We just report it in a fair and balanced way. Remember the scene is what YOU make it.

Best Use Of Fake Corpse a.k.a Stranger Danger
When i saw this first sweet ride it was hard to get a photo of it. I literally had to fight my way through a crowd of people to catch a glimpse of the radness you see before you. And what radness it was. I'm starting to think theres a formula to building a sweet custom car. Moon roof -check, seats from a Hyundai - check rotting corpse - that's a fucking triple check home boy. Best Coffin a.k.a The Grim Sleeper
For a car to get two trend mentions from the one show, the owner just has to know his shit. I mean he must have just been in the zone when building this sweet ride. Please excuse the poor photo, like i said before, there was just too many people crowding this car to get a good shot.

Best Use Of Mannequin a.k.a All My Friends Are Dead
When i stumbled upon this sweet dummy display i was almost lost for words. Sorta like when you meet a super hot chick on a blind date and your friends leave you two alone in the back seat to get to know each other, and the only thing going through your head is "fucking say something cool you dick" but you just think up lame shit cause the pressures on, and in the end you just sit there in silence with your sweet beard and poncho thinking "Fuck man this is starting to get awkward."
Yeah what???? Oh nah, yeah, that's never happened to me either. Like as if I'd wear a poncho!
Best Use of Fake Hands a.k.a Ten Finger Discount
Sometimes one hand isn't enough to get the judges attention, but i must say i was so bowled over by the complete radness of this display i was doing fist pumps in the air in appreciation. Not any old fist pump mind you, but the kind of fist pump that makes you raise your right knee at the same time and scrunch your face up real tight, making sure you've made a full mental picture of the sweet car in your head before letting the fist pump go, only to open your eyes to realise no mental picture will ever do this display justice. Sorta bitter sweet like.
Best Spider Web Grille a.k.a Spidey Bright
This grille showed a high level of craftsmanship and good use of concrete reinforcing steel, along with good welds and bright chrome..........What?
Oh and that's Oscar in the bottom corner. He don't like me much after i let his helium balloon go. Angry kids are so cute.

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