Sunday, April 10, 2011


Some how found myself out at Willowbank Raceway today for a car show i thought would be really small but was surprised how many cool cars turned up. A lot of cars you don't normally see getting round at other shows where there just due to the relaxed atmosphere and no real rules on what cars can turn up. There was everything from a Manx buggy to a new Lamborghini. Here's just a few photos i took...... Perfect shape, perfect stance and even the chrome wheels don't look that bad.
Super straight body. It had some ghost airbrushed graphics on the boot but i didn't bother looking to see what it was properly. Airbrushing is not my thing.

A little hard to see but this Buick was dripping in red metal flake.

The best part of the whole day was taking the Valiant for a cruise out there for a test run. (no photos sorry) I'd planned to take the car for a solo run around my house today in case i broke down and had to tow it back but various circumstances meant i could have someone follow me to Willowbank and decided at the last minute to nervously try my luck and low and behold the old girl never skipped a beat....... well almost. More to come on that but the best part was a few thumbs up from fellow motorists and having a pink 55 Chev wagon pull out from the side of the freeway whilst i was hauling 80 miles an hour blowing out a few cob webs. Needless to say i just about shit myself. All and all very happy though, i even cracked a smile thinking about how far its come.

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