Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Build A Hotrod

A.K.A. Step 1- Turn this steel Slowly into

This chassis table
Ok how do i start this?

For the last two or more years I have deliberately stopped myself talking about the so called hotrod i was always going to build after listening to myself tell a friend about the hotrod i was collecting parts for.

I was having a moment in time when the words coming out of my mouth just sounded like a self professed wanker and seemed to be going against the code of- Do'ers and Gonna Do'ers.

Do'ers just shut up and build cars without all the fan fair and self promotion, whilst Gonna Do'ers just well.... shout the loudest.

So here goes. I'm going to post my exploits of building a Model A roadster both good and bad. I've never done this before, I'm just a mechanic that can weld a little, and in reality my little world was safer when i could just talk about building it instead of actually having to build it.

Don't expect updates every week but follow along at what I'm sure will be at a slow and steady pace to not having to shout anymore.
An easy way to make an adjustable leg for an uneven surface. Weld a nut to a plate and use a bolt and locking nut as the adjuster. Simple.