Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Meaning Of Life

There is only two things that make my life worth living, and that's F1-11 fly overs and the first time you start a freshly rebuilt motor.
Everything else is just one big let down and pales in comparison. Even when my first son was born all i could think about is how much better this would be if flames where shooting out and the floor was shaking!! Instead all i got was this little pink thing with arms not even capable of something as good as a sonic boom. What a downer.
Anyways i finally got the Valiant motor started after three weeks of rooting around due to a stuffed starter motor.
It was all smooth sailing except for a leaking carby which was pissing out fuel. First from the float level set wrong and the accelerator pump shaft at the same time pissing fuel onto the exhaust, then from the throttle bush?? I think. Not sure if i've fixed it yet the last two leaks seem to come and go. For now it seems o.k. i'll give it another crack later.

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