Sunday, September 12, 2010

Seemless Photoshop

Hi my names Thomas. Please don't call me Tom or Tommy i don't like it.
Mt favourite band is the Abba cover band 'Bjorn again' I think they are much better than the original Abba band.
Sometimes when i'm not leaking fuel and being a thorn in the side of my owner i like to close my venturi and dream of singing 'dancing queen' in front of thousands of screaming fans yelling my name, "Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!"
Lately i have been feeling sad because the starter motor George and i have made a deal to fuck up when ever our owner wants us to work, but unfortunately he violated my needle and seat in a most unholy way, and even asaulted my float to stop my drizzle. I hate him, George hates him and i think you should hate him to!
I even heard him say Sting was a way better singer than Bjorn, and that 'The Police' was a much better band than Abba ever was!!! Fuck that guy!!

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