Monday, September 20, 2010

Town Hall

Built on swampy land during the great depression, was Brisbane's tallest building for some years, now dwarfed by high rise offices.
A man actually died during its construction when he drowned in a pool of water being drained to make the foundations, whilst another man, again during its construction, fell to his death down the elevator shaft.
Thought to be suicide, it was reported as a slip and fall so the man could be buried on consecrated soil as suicide was akin to murder.
On a side note i work with a man who's father was used as a subject for one of the statues carved into the front fasard. Local boxing character "Toter Chapman" given his nickname as it's said he could go Toe-to-Toe with anyone game enough to loose.
Believe it or not i was (still am) actually a tour guide. I just don't work the city anymore.

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