Friday, August 5, 2011


Been real sick lately and not just the normal mental sickness i usually have. The dentist thought it would be a good laugh for me to get a few wisdom teeth out, which worked out good for a few days until i woke up with a little cough and a shit load of blood. Turns out a little blood vessel under the old tooth decided to squirt the wrong way and i about near painted the toilet bowl red with my crimson goodness.
Went back and the good dentist sorted out the problem, and i can honestly say the high light was when he had to cut the stitches to open up the wound and laser the blood vessel. I just wanted to stand up and high five everyone!
Anyways should be good in a few days, car show hopefully Sunday and back to work Tuesday. Haven't done much to the cars lately, I'll get back into it soon.

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