Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Wheels Are Turning

Some day i hope to live up to that guy.
There's a certain pride that comes from welding. Its an art and its fucking hard to do exceptionally well.
For over four years now I've been working as a welder fabricator building fuel tankers and related parts and as a result the job has given me a good opportunity to learn to TIG weld. By most peoples standards i might be considered good but in my own i have a long way to go. Same goes with MIG welding.
I could easily leave it at that and keep working as a second class welder, I already did my trade as a motor mechanic many years ago and for most people that's enough. But..... I gotta live what i preach, and most importantly for me theres no pride without achievement.
So since the bosses at work weren't prepared or interested in helping me out, little Docco went out and helped himself. I talked to the TAFE college about it all and i have about 200hours training and testing i have to do before they can sign me off as a qualified welder. Most of that will be stick welding which i haven't done in a long time and will probably never do again after I'm signed off.
It won't be easy and will probably take over a year to complete but i can guarantee there will be a massive piss up when i get my papers.

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