Monday, August 8, 2011

More Style Awards

There was a few cars at Greazefest that for me really stood head and shoulders above the rest. Just when i thought dressing up a dummy in a period correct Elvis jumpsuits was about the ultimate anyone could do, the whole "scene" takes a turn and makes me realise you can never second guess.
Best Use of Garden Waste aka The Cyclone Look
Its hard to pin point what it is about this car that makes it so rad. Is it the sweet jungle theme that's going on or the two thousand dollar price tag he had on it. For me it was when i realised the pain in the ass it must have been to tow it home slash dump. Best Munster Mobile aka Better Than a Dance Recital
Life is thirsty work. If your not wasting 8 hours a day being the bread winner and every Sunday trying to dodge the nag who wants you to take the kids to dance recitals, your trying to find time to build a sweet ride. And nothing says spare time well spent better than a radical Munster mobile. See it and weep bitches. As always judges decisions are final.

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