Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Year

I was thinking today that i must have been doing this shitty little blog for at least a year now, and blow me drunk yesterday was the birthday.
I think its safe to say now, i really have no idea what this blog is really supposed to be about, nor do i have any clear idea of where its headed, if at all anywhere.
When i started i had the idea that the blog would be based around updates on my Valiant build up, mates cars/bikes/skateboarding and whatever car shows and swap meet finds i stumble across.
The blog was only really meant for me and no one else. Sort of like an online scrap book. I however told a mate who told a mate who....you get the idea, and then i picked up some followers along the line, and i don't know why, not even I'd want to read this thing. But I'm happy people do.
In the end looking back over the last year the blog seems lost. The Valiant updates aren't there because people really don't want to see all the boring stuff that goes into building a car, (lets face it, its just a work hack) and its not like i live in town/country that's hot rod and custom car mad and i can go out taking photos every weekend.
I don't skate as much as i want to, and i try not to write my working class bullshit as much as i would like because my ideas are only half thought out and the arguments have holes all through them, and you just come off sounding like someone who thinks there better than others and that's never my intention.
I'm at a cross roads. Do i stop, do i stumble on for another year, or do i find a direction?
If you have an idea, let me know.

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